[AMRadio] Cross-posting

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Mon Jul 17 17:58:34 EDT 2017

> Many times I see a message that is posted to AMRadio, Boatanchors,military
> reflectors, Heath reflectors and the like.  Without thinking (imagine
that) I hit
> reply all so as to post a public response and it goes to all the
reflectors where
> I don't have a membership.  Strangely, those places where I lack
> will send that message right back for some reason.  How dare them....I
> answered the question.

I would think the problem would lie mostly with someone composing a message
and merely typing the addresses of multiple lists in the "To" bar, or in the
"Cc" bar.  IMO, one should at least send a separate OP message independently
to each list, and maybe custom edit the original posting for each recipient.
I don't subscribe to very many e-mail lists so that's not a problem for me,
but I have on occasion started threads on the same topic on this list and on
one of the web forums.

Likewise, if I see a topic of interest on one list and re-post it on another
because I think it might be of interest there, I always make sure to mention
that I initially read it on another list, which I identify and give that
list credit for being the original source, and not leave the impression that
I'm the one who first thought of it.

Don k4kyv

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