[AMRadio] Liberty ship days

Rich Jones michjonezee at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 18 09:30:37 EDT 2017

As teenager growing up in Portland, Oregon in the early 1960's we lived just above Ross Island on the west side of the Willamette River. Just below us was the Zidel ship yards were they were scrapping out Liberty Ships (a lot of them were built in Portland just downstream).  I would take my folks wheel barrow and go down to the scrap yard where Zidel had acres of tables in large metal buildings with nothing but odds and ends from the Liberty Ships.  Every thing sold for .25 cents a pound. Imagine how many resisters (each one in a cosmolene envelope) tubes, etc. you can get for a quarter?  I found (every thing was new, never used) a Bunnell flame proof key, but best of all was a new, still in the boxNavy Gray speaker was the most expensive thing I bought, must have weighed at leas 10 lbs.  A large round one, like the one you always see in the movies when the camera points at a navy boat speaker.  Had a transformer with about 15 differentimpedance connections for any ohm reading one would need.  I gave it to my Elmer who was an old WWII navy radioman for helping me get my novice ticket.  Fond memories, I don't remember how many Liberty Ships went to the scrap heap but there were a lot.  Love this reflector, keep up the great work.  73 Rich K8UV  SE Michigan.

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