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MFJ Items For Sale:

Automatic Antenna Tuners, CW Keyer, Wall Wart Power
Supplies, Speaker Mic, and more

MFJ 993 B, IntelliTuner Automatic Antenna Tuner

Automatically tunes unbalanced/balanced antennas,
ultra fast. It has 20,000 memories, an antenna
switch, and is an efficient L-network. You can
select 300 Watts (6-1600 Ohms) or 150 Watts
(6-3200 Ohms). It covers 1.8-30 MHz, and includes
a 4:1 current balun, a Cross-Needle and Digital
SWR/Wattmeter, and an audio SWR meter. It has
a backlit LCD display, and a remote control port
for interfacing with your radio.

When you transmit, the MFJ-993B automatically
tunes for minimum SWR and remembers your
frequency and tuner settings. The next time
you operate on that frequency and antenna,
these tuner settings are instantly restored
and you’re ready to operate in milliseconds!

The MFJ-993B is a compact 10W x 2¾H x 9D inches,
and uses 12 –15 V DC at about an amp.

More info at

This one works 100%, and looks like it just came
out of the box, new.
MFJ sells these for $270.  Buy this one for $185.

MFJ 925 Automatic IntelliTuner Antenna Tuner:

MFJ 925 super-compact IntelliTuner™ automatic
antenna tuners have been designed for today's
compact home, portable, or mobile stations. With
their small size, it complements today's compact
HF transceivers, such as the IC-706MKIIG, IC-7000,
FT- 857D, DX-70TH, TS-50S, etc. They can also be
used as stand-alone automatic antenna tuners for
any transceiver that has an output power of 2-200
watts SSB/CW from 1.8-30 MHz with an antenna
impedance from 6-1,600 ohms. It has more than
10,000 Memories.  It has a remote connector to
interface with most modern radios, if desired.

Features include:

* Automatically matches antennas from 6 to 1,600 ohms
                 impedance (SWR up to 32:1)
* Handles 200 watts SSB/CW
* Tunes in less than 15 seconds, usually less than 5 seconds
* Over 20,000 non-volatile memories for tuner settings
* Eight memory banks with over 2,500 memories per bank
* Highly efficient switching L-network matching circuit
* 1.8 to 30 MHz continuous frequency coverage
* Audio SWR meter
* Built-in frequency counter
* Built-in radio interface circuitry for compatible tuners
* Built-in bias tee
* SO-239 coax-fed antenna connector
* SO-239 coax to single wire adapter

This one works 100% and looks like it just came out of the
box from MFJ.  Paper work is included for $135.

MFJ-447 Slim Line Deluxe Keyer:

This keyer is a low profile keyer with front panel speed,
weight, tone, volume controls with buttons for message,
semi-auto, tune, and power. There is an LED indicating
power is on. On the back is a jack for speaker/headphones.

It is 6 1/4 x 1 3/4 x 5 inches in size.

It requires 12 V DC at about 300 ma, or can be powered by
a 9 volt battery.

It uses a Curtis keyer chip, which permits one to choose
Iambic "A" or "B".

This one is new, still in its original box. MFJ sells these
for about $100. Buy this one for $65.

MFJ 295 I Speaker Microphone
Electret condenser mic. Earphone jack, 8 position swivel
lapel clip, stretchable cord. $14
Wall Cube Power Supplies:

9 Volt DC at 500 ma
This unit was used on a MFJ 422 keyer, but will also
power other items needing 9 V DC. It has a 2.5 mm
male plug on it, tip positive. $12

MFJ 1312 B, 12 V DC at 300 ma
Coaxial plug with center positive.
Still in original box. $12

MFJ 1315
12 volts DC at 500 ma, with 2.1 mm coaxial connector,
center positive.  $13

Cable for Icom Transceiver to Digital Controller:

The package says "The Country Ham RTC2-Ic", TNC-Radio
Cable w/ DIN and Mike Plug. For use with MFJ, AEA, and
PacComm TNCs using a 5 pin DIN plug. The opposite
end has a round Icom 8 pin connector as used on most
Icom rigs. Pin outs are listed on the label.

There is also an attached cable with 1/8 inch plug to
go to the speaker jack.

This cable is apparently new, still in its original bag.


I also have many other accessories available such as many
different types of microphones, HTs, VHF and UHF rigs, HF
and VHF/UHF antennas, connectors, miscellaneous accessories,
Just too many to list here. Please e-mail your requests.

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
E-mail to W8EK at FLHam.net or W8EK at arrl.net
Voice Phone (352) 732-8400


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