[AMRadio] HVAC RFI Question

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I replaced the old HVAC and thermostat with  a modern multi speed, micro controlled, high seer unit with wifi controlled thermostat.I also was expecting problems since the compressor is within 6 feet of open ladder line.Running both a BC610 and a T368 at legal power and I have not experienced any problems.There has not been any issues with operation. However, I am more concerned than ever about lightning strikes.
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My old 2001 vintage American Standard AC system is conking out. I am looking for a replacement, and this post is regarding HVAC induced RFI into the ham bands. In order to get the SEER rating to 20 or above, then both the AC air ventilator & outside compressor must be computerized, have variable speed motors, and even have a CAT-5 cable between the units. 

Those issues mentioned are all a red flag when it comes to RFI. One quote I got was to use Lennox, XC20 Condenser, and SL280 furnace and air handler, cost $10125. A more traditional system without the bells and whistles is about $6180. This does not include the duct rework that in my case has been haphazardly redone by the prior owner of the house.
I wonder what experience the group might have regarding the various modern day HVAC systems, and HAM radio RFI. Go a step further, and I could see situations where a keyed up ham station might result in RF getting into the HVAC control system and creating a system that is susceptible to RF. 
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