[AMRadio] HVAC RFI Question

Jim Candela jcandela at prodigy.net
Sun Jul 30 08:57:56 EDT 2017

Thanks for all the input guys......
I am leaning away from the more sophisticated system. The extra $4K is a deterrent to me, and since the ROI could easily be offset by crap outs. The warranties often are parts only too, so failures can still be expensive. 
 This morning I woke to the usual blower noise with no airflow. It was iced up again. I got this down now, an every 2-3 day event. The water return freezes too since it is wrapped with the freon lines. I get a 2 gallon bucket, and a funnel, and some boiling hot water. The hot water is to thaw the water return line...takes 3-4 tries, and that clears that. Then in parallel with that, I put on the gas heater to 80 degrees...within 30 minutes, I have 4 gallons of water into the bucket. Then switch to AC, cold air with lots of flow at the registers. Had 3 pounds of R22 added 6 weeks ago. The going rate for R22 is $110/pound. I got it for $75/#.

The RFI issue seems to be a crapshoot.

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    If you don't mind, what was the manufacturer of the system you purchased? Is the price I mentioned in my original post in line with what you paid for? My system is 4 Ton, with gas heat.
   I would also worry a lot about lightning. I live in a single story ranch style house. The hamshack and antenna is at one side, and the HVAC on the other side. I took a direct hit to my tower several years ago. A neighbor said he saw it hit, and sustain. My rg8x feedline was vaporized...In the ham shack, I had the B&W coax switch set to ground. I lost NOTHING in the shack!! It did take out a channel of the lawn sprinkler controller, one solenoid underground, every connected HDMI port in the house, One garage door opener, the HVAC thermostat, and furnice controller PCB. Fortunately, the HVAC PCB was old enough that the 3rd parties had reverse engineered it. I had a new (non OEM) board installed for less than $200 including labor.


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I replaced the old HVAC and thermostat with  a modern multi speed, micro controlled, high seer unit with wifi controlled thermostat.I also was expecting problems since the compressor is within 6 feet of open ladder line.Running both a BC610 and a T368 at legal power and I have not experienced any problems.There has not been any issues with operation. However, I am more concerned than ever about lightning strikes.
de KA4JVYMark

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