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We are at the middle of summer meaning the window units are on sale.  I saw 
some at our local Wal-Mart in the past couple of days for about 25% off. 
You might invest in two or three of them to get you by for this summer. 
Then look at those Mitisbutshi   units.  They come charged and all one has 
to do is install the wall unit, the couplings are quick connect types, 
evacuate, turn on the Freon and away you go.  The control is short if you 
put the condenser just outside of where he air handler is.  Maybe you can 
order them on line and have the shipped to your door.

I forget exactly but if two of them would handle your house, they may be 
less then a standard unit.  I do know hams who have them and RFI issues are 
non existent.


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      From: Gary Schafer <garyschafer at largeriver.net>
Hi Jim,

>You have a leak in the system. Usually the evaporator coil or the condenser
>coil. Most likely the evaporator coil.

Gary, likely so. The evaporator area on the 'A' coils is extremely corroded 
between the copper tubing and aluminum coils. The outdoor unit has similar 
issues. Then the issue with this system needs 12 pounds of R22 at $110/#. 
That is if it were to all leak out. Any repair would be very expensive, and 
likely short lived.
It has been around 105 here all week. My two main shade trees (west side of 
house) have died, and that means the house gets a lot more attic heat than 
in years past.
I have got to do something fast, and right now the HVAC guys are real 
busy..That means NO discounts, and perhaps 2-3 weeks out for a big job.
This morning I repaired, evacuated, and recharged one AC system in the spare 
car, and topped up my daily driver.
Two weeks ago I had to get a new car when the XYL's car ran out of 
Freon....for the cost of a Shrader valve, I had to spend almost $12K!
If i had time, and more equipment, I'd think of taking on this home AC job 
myself. There are systems on Craig's list quite often that are working fine, 
but removed from service to be replaced with a new higher SEER unit. Then 
there is the licensing issue; but some Ebay sellers will sell anything even 
when the local suppliers won't.

The RFI issue has turned into QRM issue from the XYL! :->
Jim Wd5JKO

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