[AMRadio] What the ARRL failed to do....

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Sat Jun 10 13:40:31 EDT 2017

> With the demise of ICM, and with info that has come down the pike, at 
> the present time, there is no source of crystals other than NOS or 
> used, for the restoration or maintenance of vintage gear, especially 
> sideband in the filtering and carrier osc areas, or any rig that uses 
> a heterodyne setup for band switching.  Even the beloved solid state 
> rigs from Japan in wide use still will fall by the wayside.  Rigs 
> needing front panel style frequency setting crystals can go VFO or 
> maybe even the little NE555 setable jobs you can get from China for a 
> couple bucks with some circuit modifications.  I guess I better get back
on the Meissner Sig Shifter project.

Or dig out the late 1920s / early 1930s era handbooks and read up on
instructions on how to grind your own.

Apparently you can now add amateur-band crystals to the list of items that
have or soon will become near-unobtanium, the list that already includes
high voltage electrolytic capacitors, transmitting and receiving tubes,
carbon composition resistors, most RF coils, filament transformers, swinging
and filter chokes, HV oil-filled caps, UTC LS- and similar quality audio
transformers, thermocouple RF ammeters, wide-spaced air variable capacitors,
oscilloscope CRTs, Collins mechanical filters, authentic D-104 crystal
elements,  etc.

Forget about NOS and used amateur band crystals; they mysteriously
disappeared from hamfest flea markets several years ago.  You can find gobs
of military crystals for frequencies outside the ham bands, but ham-band
crystals have become all but non-existent.  You might  still run across a
few at estate sales or ePay listings if you can find out about them before
someone grabs them up.  I'm glad I accumulated mine while they were still
relatively plentiful.

The demise of crystals will eventually curtail "vintage sideband" as well as
classic AM gear.  Maybe someone in China or Russia will start up a factory
for making them.  I'm not sure where AF4K gets the ones he uses to re-stuff


Don k4kyv

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