[AMRadio] What the ARRL failed to do....

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Sat Jun 10 14:02:25 EDT 2017

Be  sure to specify frequency ranges that include the amateur bands and popular frequencies like the oscillator crystals in the 75A-4, Drake and similar receivers.


Don k4kyv


From: Nick England [mailto:navy.radio at gmail.com] 
Re: [AMRadio] What the ARRL failed to do....


You can't believe how much crystals improve your high-end sound system - they provide startling improvements in soundstage and presence. Speaker wire that has been broken in using crystal oscillators sounds much cleaner than wire broken in using any other source. Analog crystals of course, digital crystal oscillators just make my ears bleed.

And for the guitar people - you wouldn't believe the wonderful vintage tone you get by using vintage crystals. Way better than using old bumblebee caps....

Spread the word and the factories should re-open within a few weeks......


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