[AMRadio] What the ARRL failed to do

Dave W5QWX dave at W5QWX.com
Sat Jun 10 16:12:41 EDT 2017

Well fellows, guess the rocks I still have and have had since 57 can go to a museum someday when I’m SK.
A ham in Spain and myself have been working on replacements for the VCO and PLL crystals in the old FT-ONE.
The replacement uses the same little board from QRP Labs. It is the SiS5351A, and can replace three crystals
with one board. Like someone else said it is “not plug and play” but is really a neat replacement when nothing 
else is available. We are using an Arduino Nano board to program and run the SiS5351A. Both boards are not
much larger than a couple of FT-241 holders.
If any of you, find yourself needing a crystal and can not find one, you should consider the SiS5351A, and it
available at other than QRP Labs.
Don’t forget the non-oxygen wire to go along with the crystals for batter sound too!

Dave de W5QWX

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