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Digital Interfaces and related items For Sale:

IMPORTANT NOTE: I have included a complete set of cables
with these units.  Many people selling these units do not
include cables, or only partial cables.  This is an important
difference!  In many cases the cables are worth about $50.

West Mountain RIGblasters:

The RIGblaster is an interface that can be used in all
digital modes.  It connects between the sound card of
your computer, and your transceiver.  It is optimized
to eliminate ground loops, and make digital operation

In addition to the unit itself and the wall wart power
supply, it includes a lot of extra cables, including two
cables from the computer sound card to the unit (one
each for audio in and out), a cable from the computer
to the unit, as well as the radio cable.  A manual is also
included, along with a CD with a lot of digital programs
and other digital info on it.

I have two different RIGblaster models available:

RIGblaster M8
This model is the one that has a round 8 pin mic connector
on the front (along with switches and LEDs).  It has a cable
that also has a round 8 pin mic connector on it that can be
internally programmed to interface with most any rig. It is
presently wired for an Icom IC-746, which really means most
any Icom rig with round 8 pin mic connector.
This one works fine and looks close to new. Only $50.

RIGblaster Plus
Similar to the M8 model (above), but the RIGblaster "Plus"
model additionally features true keyed Morse and true FSK
RTTY. It also has a headphones jack on the front panel.
This one works fine and looks close to new. The stick on
feet have not been installed, nor have the enclosure screws,
which is the way West Mountain ships the units, so it might
be new.  The original box is not included, however. $60

AEA/Timewave PK-232 DSP Digital Controller:

The AEA PK-232 has long been the standard which others have
been compared.  It is a multimode controller, and does not
require the use of your sound card in your computer to work
in most all digital modes.  This unit was originally a PK-232,
but has had the DSP upgrade making it even more useful.  It
is now capable of the following modes:
Packet 300 bps HF
Packet 1200 bps VHF

The DSP adds even sharper filters than the original.

Features include
Digital Signal Processor
16 Bit A/D-D/A
18 DSP Filters
Twin Peak RTTY Filters
Adaptive PACTOR filters
100 Hz CW Filter
Automatic Operation
All standard modes

More info at

This unit works fine and looks really great.  It includes
cables to the computer, two radio (mic) cables, two receive
audio cables, connector for scope, and power cord.  There
is a CD that includes a very detailed manual, plus other
digital information.

Buy all of this for only $250.

Extra Cables for use with AEA PK-232 Digital Controller:

The AEA PK-232 uses a sort of odd five pin inline
plastic connector.  All of these cables have that
connector on one end, complete with shrink
tubing, and are original AEA.

PK-232 to Icom 24 pin accessory plug
This 24 pin plug is used on rigs like the IC-751 plus
many others.  It permits one to plug into the back
of the rig.  Both of these connectors are somewhat
rare. $20

PK-232 to Kenwood round 8 pin
The 5 pin plug on one end, and a round 8 pin mic plug
on the other, wired for Kenwood.  $15

PK-232 to unterminated cable
The 5 pin plug on one end, and nothing on the other end,
permitting one to add their own connector.  $10

Tigertronics Signal Link SL-1:

The Tigertronics SignaLink lets you operate all of
today’s most popular digital modes without having
to purchase an expensive multimode controller.

The SignaLink bridges the gap between your computer’s
sound card and your radio to provide instant compatibility
with a multitude of sophisticated communications

Programs are available for every imaginable mode including
PSK-31, MT63, RTTY, SSTV, APRS, and Packet.

More than 80 programs are available through the Tigertronics
web site and many more can be found by searching the Internet
software archives.

This one has been set up to work with an Icom IC-706
transceiver (which of course covers from 160 m up thru
440 MHz, so is great for both HF and VHF use).  It has a
modular mic connector which should work with most
of the Icom rigs using modular connectors.

Included with this unit is the radio cable, two audio cables
(audio in and audio out), a power cord, paper manual, and
a CD with manual and a variety of additional information.
Get all of this for only $40.

Cable for Icom Transceiver to Digital Controller:

The package says "The Country Ham RTC2-Ic", TNC-Radio
Cable w/ DIN and Mike Plug. For use with MFJ, AEA, and
PacComm TNCs using a 5 pin DIN plug. The opposite
end has a round Icom 8 pin connector as used on most
Icom rigs. Pin outs are listed on the label.

There is also an attached cable with 1/8 inch plug to
go to the speaker jack.

This cable is apparently new, still in its original bag.
I also have many other accessories available such as many
different types of microphones, HTs, VHF and UHF rigs, HF
and VHF/UHF antennas, connectors, miscellaneous accessories,
Just too many to list here. Please e-mail your requests.

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
E-mail to W8EK at FLHam.net or W8EK at arrl.net
Voice Phone (352) 732-8400


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