[AMRadio] Another simpler crystal substitute?

CL in NC mjcal77 at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 10 17:27:31 EDT 2017

Other crystal sub?  I was thinking this might be an option for crystals below 10MC, or at least worth a try.  Unable to get any info out of the seller, guess if I spoke Chinese, I'd do better. There is probably a diagram and info somewhere to build it yourself.


Additional info I have is that ICM has already sold off their equipment to other companies, and the hopes that perhaps some ICM folks would carry on as a cottage industry are dashed.  Grinding your own is definitely one option, but when you read the books on making quality crystals for radio work, it is a bit more involved than a sheet of glass and some grinding compound.  Another 'wonder what happened to them' is the automatic equipment that made tubes,  yes, you can watch the quaint youtube video about the guy making one tube, but it is not a 6146 by any stretch.  Did all the tube manufacturers just sell it all for scrap metal?  Well, in hind sight, I wish I still had my '68  Dodge Charger, who would have guessed the car I sold for 800 bucks in 1976 would be a high dollar collectors item 40 years later?  A little foresight a few years back, and somebody might still be making the odds and ends that still have a minor following.

Charlie in NC

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