[AMRadio] Ten Tec

KA9EGW ka9egw at ka9egw.com
Thu Mar 30 22:25:14 EDT 2017

According to the last few months' metric crapload of traffic on the various Ten Tec reflectors/groups they are alive and well...but email only.  Over those months, reported turnaround times for service have continued to drop.
Apparently a previous owner tried to just "bleed the company white"--blowing out assets below cost, and (according to Rumor Control) various other monkey business, but the current owner has a much longer term view of things... and enough commercial and government orders to keep them very busy for a while...
I have no connection with them other than that I own their products and I dislike seeing simple lack of information cause hard feelings anywhere.
73, Brian KA9EGW

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