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The E coil set for the HRO-60 tunes the 900 to 2050 kHz range (as I'm sure you know) where the HRO-60 operates in single-conversion mode.  Because of that, the HRO-60 should be able to use an E coil set from any of the earlier HRO receivers which are also single-conversion.  National switched the design of the connector bar beginning with the HRO-50, shifting it a little lower onto the top of the coil set.  So if you want to use a coil set originally from an HRO-7 or earlier model, you should lower the four coil assemblies in the coil set by putting a washer in between the top of the coil assembly and the inside, bottom of the coil shield can.  I run AC and A coil sets from an HRO-7 in my HRO-50 with that alteration.   I also run a set of A, B, C, and D coil sets from an original HRO in my HRO-50R1.


Jim Hanlon, W8KGI

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I am posting this for Neil.  Please reply to him at:

archernf at earthlink.net

Hi Folks,
I need some help, I am trying to help a friend who is not a ham find an "E"
coil for his HRO-60. I wonder if anyone has one or can point me in the
direction to find one
I appreciate the help.
Neil Foster    N4FN

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