[AMRadio] Posting problems

Geoff ars.w5omr at gmail.com
Mon May 1 21:26:37 EDT 2017

W5JO said:

> But some people who use the digest mode are having trouble so I 
> thought I would pass along something that has worked for me.
> When you replay to a message you receive in the digest, hit the Reply 
> or Reply All button.  Remember if you want to post to the list to use 
> the Reply All button, if you want to engage the individual use the 
> Reply button.  When I use the Reply All button I remove  individual 
> names so they don't receive more than one copy of the message, leaving 
> only the AM Radio name in either the To or CC field.
> Then delete all messages and extraneous material other than the 
> message you want to  reply to in the body of the message.  This 
> eliminates some possibilities of being blocked.

Depending on your mail client, at least in mine (Mozilla Thunderbird) 
there is an option to "Reply to List".

Does all that nifty stuff for you.

except for delete all the multiples of headers and footers that should 
be removed from the message before it's sent.  Especially if you're 
replying via 'Digest mode'.
If the thread is 30 or 40 messages deep, and in Digest Mode contains 
several different subjects, replying with a minimum of words or 
something as simple as "I Agree!", how is someone going to know what 
exactly you (collectively) are agreeing with?

Just my 0.02c

Your mileage may vary.

As for spending more time behind the keyboard instead of being on the 
air, I agree... but not everyone has their reasons for either being 
on/off the air.  Right now, my amp is down, I just got home (at 7:30pm 
central), time is limited, working on dinner, then there's a new version 
of 'Inside the Wormhole' on tonight...

73 = Best Regards,

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