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I was WN4VIV back in the day.  I took my exam in February of 1952 in Cincinnati and got my ticket in March.  Looks like you were just a little earlier than I was.  I took the Technician theory test as well and got W4VIV at the same time.  I upgraded the following November.

Jim, W8KGI

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Same here, Ken and lots more as in I=E/R questions.  This was in 1964.

Hey, I was a 'real' 5 wpm Novice back then as WN4VDZ and proud of it.
But I knew I still needing to learn so much about ham radio. But as with
lots of us, it was a struggle/battle for learning about basic technical
things versus the young ladies.  Never did/haven't fully understood the
latter though. <Grin>

Robert W4RL

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