[AMRadio] History of AM power proceeding now viewable on FCC website

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Thu Nov 16 17:09:20 EST 2017

Facts in the case are laid out in chronological order, followed by
supporting documentation that pre-dates  FCC archives (which extend only
back to 1992). This should make it easy for those not thoroughly familiar
with this case to discover and understand the past agenda of those in power
at the FCC at that time, and how this has affected use of the AM mode in
amateur radio.


This was submitted in response to a public enquiry announced by the FCC's
Office of Engineering and Technology Technological Advisory Council (TAC),
seeking comments about technical regulations and the regulatory process used
for adopting and updating them.


Part 1:  Chronological timeline 1983-1990, Exhibits 1-9



Part 2: Exhibits 10-16



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