[AMRadio] Test equipment

Jim Hill hro5-2 at cox.net
Fri Nov 17 11:30:46 EST 2017

My Heath capacitor tester has a leakage tester.  The capacitance 
range selector is frozen, but the the leakage tester is very useful 
for reforming electrolytics.  I like to not replace electrolytics 
until I get the equipment running and see where I stand.  If you work 
on yours, check the resistors in the voltage range switch.

At 08:09 AM 8/20/2017, Ed via AMRadio wrote:
>A recent search for a signal generator found one on Amazon with 
>pretty good reviews.
>My meager bench hosts a few bits of equipment that I use the most, 
>everything else being either too expensive or really just 
>superfluous.  Things I couldn't do without: oscilloscope, frequency 
>counter, signal generator, analog multimeter ( an ancient Simpson) 
>and a grid dip meter.  I have a heathkit capacitor checker, the type 
>that checks for leakage, but its down and out now.
>Whats your list of tools you cant live without?
>VR,   Ed Mullin

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