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Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Sat Nov 18 11:21:05 EST 2017

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> My Heath capacitor tester has a leakage tester.  The capacitance range
> selector is frozen, but the the leakage tester is very useful for
> electrolytics.  I like to not replace electrolytics until I get the
> running and see where I stand.  If you work on yours, check the resistors
> the voltage range switch.
> Jim

I use mine (pulled from a dumpster) primarily for the leakage test, which
works very well for checking leakage as well as reforming electrolytics.
The capacitance measurement is all but useless: very inaccurate, lucky to
get within 50% so I never use that; I have my NEC digital capacitance meter
which is accurate and with ranges down to a few pf.  

I sometimes use the leakage test as a low-current voltage source for up to
450 volts or so.  Once a capacitor shows low leakage with the magic eye, I
sometimes connect my DVM in the micro amp range, or a 50 micro amp panel
meter, in series with the capacitor to measure the actual leakage current at
the test voltage (risky if you are not careful).

Don k4kyv

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