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I am a silent observer of this forum and am surprised that these large triodes have application in the audio field. I did a fast search in my comm shop and didn't find any 845 but do have a number of the 211 type. I thought I had some that were in military type boxes that were marked V4C but I found them yet. I always enjoy your comments on this forum.
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In a message dated 10/6/2017 4:12:51 PM Pacific Standard Time, k4kyv at charter.net writes:

 > OK, one of my TX's is a BC375 that uses four VT4C triodes. 
> Thankfully, they are all good, and I have a couple spares. Today, 
> American made NOS run in the hundreds of bucks each, but a place down 
> in FLA is selling them new manufactured, from China I'm guessing , for 
> $125 a pair, not too bad comparatively. Here is my question. I 
> understand that these are highly sought after by audiophiles, but I 
> have not found any HI-FI or stereo amp that uses them. Anybody have 
> a link to where the apparent god of stereo is selling these amps that 
> jack the price for some more noteworthy use, like in my TX?
> Charlie, W4MEC in NC

I use both 845s and 211s in my station, the 845s as audio drivers in two of
my transmitters, and the 211 as rf driver in another. Good spares of each
on hand, NOT for sale. Eat your hearts out, audiophools.

Don k4kyv

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