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Maybe the M refers to the primary impedance, so the secondary would be 5M = 2,500 ohm, to 10M = 5,000 ohm?

Just a thought...

Meir WF2U
Landrum, SC

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On Oct 22, 2017, 11:32 AM, at 11:32 AM, Robert Nickels <ranickel at comcast.net> wrote:
>I'm puzzling over a transformer I found in my junk, which is clearly 
>identified as a Thoardson T-21M66, but even after finding it listed in 
>the 1947 catalog online, I'm still not sure how it was used.     It is 
>described as a "Matching Line to RF Load Modulation (M) Transformer"
>has a single 500 ohm primary (that would be the "line" part), and five 
>secondary taps that are only described as "5M-6M-7M-8M-9M-10M" which 
>must be the "RF Matching" part, but darned if I know what these values 
>are or how the transformer would be used.   The audio power rating is
>watts and the secondary is good for 200MA.    A scan of the actual 
>catalog section can be seen here:
>I've included the multi-match modulation transformer section above so 
>you can see what the column headings refer to.   Can anyone shed light 
>on what this transformer was used for and what the secondary values
>Thanks and 73,
>Bob W9RAN
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