[AMRadio] FCC Technological Advisory Council Investigating Technical Regulations

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Mon Sep 4 16:55:39 EDT 2017

The FCC Technological Advisory Council is looking into FCC technical
regulations to determine if reforms or changes might be in order. The FCC
has asked its Technological Advisory Council to help identify FCC technical
rules that are obsolete or may be ripe for change in light of current
communications technologies.

Revisiting the AM power issue comes to mind.

Recommendations for Removing Obsolete or Unnecessary Technical Rules:
The rapid pace of technology evolution often makes rules that were adopted
years ago unnecessary or irrelevant. This work group is tasked to review the
FCC technical rules to identify and prioritize those that should be
eliminated. In making recommendations the work group is to consider the
benefits and costs of doing so, particularly relative to any potential risks
of detrimental impact or unintended consequences to existing stakeholders
and how those risks can be mitigated. The work group is also tasked with
identifying alternative processes for streamlining the introduction of new
technologies as an alternative to the Commission's traditional approach of
considering technical matters through rule making. The Commission has
largely left it to industry to develop standards for new technologies. Would
it be feasible to use standards bodies for development of standards for such
things as transmitter power limits and out of band emissions? Are there
processes that exist or can be developed that bring stakeholders together to
develop consensus recommendations on technical matters, including whether it
is necessary to embody specific elements in regulations?

Interested parties may file comments in ET Docket 17-215 until October 30,
using the FCC Electronic Comment Filing System (ECFS).


PS:  This could be a double-edged sword, making it all the more imperative
to watch closely. For example, certain interest groups might take this as an
opportunity to re-launch the ill-fated regulation-by-bandwidth proposal, or
to otherwise impose specific bandwidth limits or other onerous regulations
adverse to AM. Less likely, but not beyond the realm of possibility, we
could see renewed attempts to outlaw AM altogether.

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