[AMRadio] Big resistors

Ed edwmullin at aol.com
Tue Sep 19 20:28:46 EDT 2017

Hi All,

I have a supply of 5000ohm 50 watt resistors.  These are perfect for bleeders on your high voltage plate supplies.   Also the little clips that hold them down.    I have 30 or so beyond my needs. 10 make a good bleeder/voltage divider.  

$3 ea.  Plus postage. Up for trades for tubes,  any type used (except rectifiers) in the R390A, or 6146s. 

Please reply direct if interested. 

On another note,  regardless of the above,  I need a crystal for my Hallicrafters SR-46 to get on 50 meters. 25.2 MHz to get 50.4 out. HC-6U I think.  Can't seem to find crystals for love or money anymore. 

Or if you've got the Hallicrafters VFO for that rig, and would part with it, that could work too. 

VR,   Ed Mullin/KB1HYS

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