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Automatic Antenna Tuners For Sale:

Kenwood AT-440 Automatic Antenna Tuner:

The Kenwood AT-440 automatic antenna tuner is the internal
tuner used in the TS-440. Many of the TS-440's came with
the AT-440 installed, and were then designated as a TS-440
S/AT. Some of them did not have the internal tuner. If your
TS-440 did not have the tuner installed, this is your
opportunity to get one.

This package includes the antenna tuner, along with the
cables and hardware needed to install it.

This one works fine. Only $95.

MFJ 993 B, IntelliTuner Automatic Antenna Tuner

Automatically tunes unbalanced/balanced antennas,
ultra fast. It has 20,000 memories, an antenna
switch, and is an efficient L-network. You can
select 300 Watts (6-1600 Ohms) or 150 Watts
(6-3200 Ohms). It covers 1.8-30 MHz, and includes
a 4:1 current balun, a Cross-Needle and Digital
SWR/Wattmeter, and an audio SWR meter. It has
a backlit LCD display, and a remote control port
for interfacing with your radio.

When you transmit, the MFJ-993B automatically
tunes for minimum SWR and remembers your
frequency and tuner settings.

The MFJ-993B is a compact 10W x 2¾H x 9D inches,
and uses 12 to 15 V DC at about an amp.

More info at

This one works 100%, and looks like it just came
out of the box, new.
MFJ sells these for $270. Buy this one for $185.


I also have many other accessories available such as many
different types of microphones, HTs, VHF and UHF rigs, HF
and VHF/UHF antennas, connectors, miscellaneous accessories,
Just too many to list here. Please e-mail your requests.

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
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