[AMRadio] Revisit

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Sat Sep 30 01:41:41 EDT 2017

> Charlie, W4MEC in NC wrote:
> Not sure what a revisit to the AM power issue would accomplish since 
> it is history, I visited there when it wasn't.

This is history that shouldn't be allowed to fade away; the FCC's on-line
achieves go back only to 1982.  The present-day Commissioners and  staff,
let alone the majority of  to-day's amateurs, would unlikely have knowledge
of this saga or access to its history, except by laboriously digging through
dusty paper files somewhere, which may no longer even exist. 

The Technical Advisory enquiry might be a good opportunity to refresh
memories and re-expose this shameful and inexcusably fraudulent history ,
which with the passing of time is rapidly fading from memory.

Don k4kyv

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