[AMRadio] Bootlegg'n on the hambands

Donald Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Sat Jan 13 15:15:43 EST 2018

> I wander through ebay now and then looking for vintage stuff.  Amazing
> what turns up when you just put 'vintage receiver' in their search box...
they put anything radio in
> there.  Which is where this ad came up: Stryker SR94HPC Compact 45 Watt 10
> Meter Radio.  This is a 45 watt AM/FM radio for ten meters.  I looked up
> about it, and got a lot from 'not hams'.  With a snip of the cryptically
> described 'white wire', you are transformed to the CB freqs.  Apparently
> white wire, is the one thing that keeps it US legal, but allows it to be
> up' for it's European market.  If you remember in the days of the analog
> phones, the FCC made it illegal to make any scanner that would receive
> frequencies, or even be modifiable to do so.  Think that is still in
place, but
> not
>   sure how you decode the new modes to listen in even if you could make a
> scanner receive those freqs.  So the FCC allows stuff like this to be sold
> tell you it is against the law to 'snip the white wire', and pretty much
> it after that
There is so little FCC style
> enforcement, any and all Icom gear was sold to anybody that wanted a radio
> for whatever reason. He said the hambands over there were full of the rigs
> he sold, still on the ham bands because the customers never changed the
> presets.

There is no law against possessing equipment that will operate on illegal
frequencies.  It's illegal to USE them on unlicensed frequencies.  The FCC
has no jurisdiction over what is sold or used in Africa.

I'm more concerned about the FCC's failure to go after importers that bring
RFI-spewing consumer junk into the country, stuff that operates in clear
violation of Part 15 and Part 18 rules. I couldn't care less about what goes
on with CB, as  long as they stay out of the ham bands.

Don k4kyv

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