[Hallicrafters] Join Saturday HCI 40 Meter Net!

Duane Fischer, W8DBF dfischer at usol.com
Fri Nov 1 22:45:56 EST 2002

Please try to resist the masculine glandular urge to drink a cold beer and eat a
warmed over bratwurst on a dried out bun harder than your ex-wife's two day old
makeup for breakfast and join us for the Saturday edition of Dueling For Diodes.
AKA the HCI: Hallicrafters Collectors International, 40 meter Net.    		
It will commence with the sound of all the weird Halloween candy my grandson
hated and so generously gave to Grandpa pinging like a riding lawn mower with
spark knock as I toss them one by one into a five gallon galvanized garbage can.
This sugar filled moment will be at 12:30 PM EST, (1730 UTC). The Net officially
begins at 1:00 PM EST, (1800 UTC). The frequency will be 7.280 Mhz lsb +/- for
key clicks, mike splatter and the normally brainless barking of my neighbor's
paranoid poodle being reduced to a low moan as she tries to open her mouth after
devouring the boxes of Milk Duds I flung over the fence. 	
My grandson has to do a science project using a constant and variables. he
decided to see how many watts of RF it would take to roast a pumpkin with a
circumference of 22 inches placed one meter from the Hustler 6BTV or the GAP
Titan vertical. He is currently trying to calculate the amount of heat and
exposure time needed to properly toast the slimy seeds inside the pumpkin so he
can dip them in contact cement and pour Morton salt all over them. Well, at
least he seems to be interested in Ham radio.  	
I hope to hear many of you tomorrow, propagation or not, be sober and be there.
Remember there is more to life than football, cold beer and rectal gas that
would gag a garbage disposal! No, Hydrogen Sulfide is NOT the name of the Center
for the MI State Spartans! OOPS. Guess I gave my University of MI heritage away
there. Not a pretty mental image of a husky Spartan smashing a Wolverine into a
fur covered paste using a big hammer with baseball cletes fastened to it. Hear
you tomorrow!	
Duane Fischer, W8DBF	
NCS: Hallicrafters Collectors International	
netcontrol at w9wze.org      	


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