[Hallicrafters] Assistance With Winnipeg Relay

rdhalste rdhalste at tm.net
Sun Nov 3 18:45:06 EST 2002

I have no idea as to the distance, but as we've been having auroral
disturbances over the last two days, I'm not surprised you couldn't hear

6-meters has been opening into the NE and to the NW and SW in addition to
the Aurora. This would tend to make long distance propagation on the low
bands nearly nil for any distance.

A couple days back the earth was hit by some particularly strong X-Rays. I
think the note said in a matter of three minutes the X-RAY brightness of the
sun increased to about 44 times the normal brightness. So far scientists are
a bit confused as there are active sunspots at each limb of the sun, but
nothing that would be pointed our way.

There is a healthy sized sunspot group that should be moving across the sun
which will be pretty much pointed our way in a few days.  Whether we get any
more out of it our not is unknown. Just a year ago I was working Alaska and
Winnipeg via Aurora and we had F openings into Asia and Europe.  In one week
I missed WAC on 6-meters only by oceana and had I been paying attention I
could have had that.

So...if this fall continues, HF propogation may go down the tubes for a
while, but the future is only predictable in retrospect.

Roger Halstead (K8RI EN73)
N833R World's oldest Debonair? (S# CD-2)

> Hi All,
> For some reason, I am experiencing almost constant problems in hearing the
> Canadian relay, VE4WI in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Craig has a two element
> and a HT-41, so he has the oomph to make the journey easily.
> Today I could not hear him at all, not on the Mosley TA-33 at 55 feet
> northwest, not on the IAC double bazooka wire with east/west orientation
or on
> the Hustler 6BTV. He was heard by W5JT in Corydon, Indiana.
> Now my question: (for those who may not realize why I am asking this, I am
> totally blind)
> What is the distance in statute miles from Flint, Michigan to Winnipeg,
> Manitoba, Canada?  Then what is the distance from Corydon, Indiana (near
> Louisville, KY) to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada? Finally, what is the
> from Flint, MI to Corydon, IN?
> I have difficulty in hearing different stations in different portions of
> country from time to time, but never on such a consistent basis. Even
> for propagation quirks, I have never experienced this problem with the
> area in the past. It may all be an academic mute point, but I am curious
as to
> what role literal distance may be playing in the skip equation.
> Thanks.
> Duane W8DBF
> dfischer at usol.com
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