[Hallicrafters] SX-71

Mark Shaum k9tr at dtnspeed.net
Thu Nov 7 12:21:01 EST 2002


I've had good luck cleaning/polishing cadmium plated chassis with Flitz
metal polish.  Available around here in most big chains (Wal-Mart,
K-mart, auto supply stores).  As long as your chassis isn't totally
grubby, I'd suggest trying this rather than the more drastic
chassis-bath/overall spray/rinse/dry and pray no moisture gets in if
cans, power transformers, etc. approach.

Here's a link to a section of my web pages showing the results on a
Hammarlund that was not corroded, but very dull.


73! - Mark

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From: "k7mks" <k7mks at attbi.com>
Subject: [Hallicrafters] SX-71

> Today I became the 2nd owner of a SX-71, with original bill of sale,
> virtually new condition.  The chassis and a few steel metal parts have
> "dulled" or slightly tarnished look which is to be expected.  Would
> appreciate comments from those who have successfully restored chassis
> to original or close-to original appearance.
> Thanks,  Joe k7mks

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