[Hallicrafters] FS HT-37's

Anthony W. DePrato anthony.deprato at gte.net
Tue Nov 12 07:15:35 EST 2002

I have finished my new work shop and it is not big enough for all the ton's 
of gear i have. so i am starting to clear out extra units
as i move back in.
I do not need these as i have 2 that are restored and on the air.
  first to go.
I have 2 Hallicrafters HT 37's I have no ideal as to the working order of 
these. i do recall  both were from an estate of another collector in 
Ironton ,Ohio. one is out of the case and missing a couple tubes also i 
have misplaced the screws that held the case halves on if i find them i 
will include them. everything seems to be there and no mod's. the other has 
a wrong main tuning knob other then that i have no ideal as i have not 
removed the case. fronts are in very good shape some marks and both need a 
good cleaning.  Asking $250.00 for both plus shipping from Somerset 
Kentucky 42501 pick up preferred but i will box and ship with no bets on 
how the Killer UPS drivers will treat them.
73 Tony WA4JQS
p.s. If some brave sole wants to drive to KY and take a couple  HT 32's 
also i have a couple of those in the rented storage building for another 
$250.00 but i have to dig them out.

Anthony W. DePrato WA4JQS
South Sandwich Island Antarctic Dxpedition Group

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