[Hallicrafters] Wednesday Global Glow Reminder

Duane Fischer, W8DBF dfischer at usol.com
Tue Nov 12 23:07:57 EST 2002

More on this in the very near future, but my entire 40/80 meter station will be
up for sale. 	
The HCI Global Glow roundtable will be held on Wednesday November 13th. The
pre-Net begins at 7:00 PM EST, (0000 UTC). The roundtable proper at 8:00 PM EST,
(0100 UTC). The frequency will be 14.315 Mhz usb +/- for key clicks, mike
splatter and the annoying sound of leaves grunting and groaning in desperate
attempts to remain affixed to tree limbs and not flutter helplessly to the
ground to be turned into mulch by a gas guzzling, oil smoke belching riding lawn
tractor with belt driven blender in tow! Then ruthlessly hurled into a plastic
collection bag by this gear grinding machine and then flung into a compost pile
along with the dead rats, half rotted vegetables from the garden and the garbage
my dumber than a lead sinker neighbors keep throwing there. It is a fate worse
than having your eyelids stitched open and being fed caffeine by IV and forced
to watch infomercials until your brain turns to garlic flavored lime Jello. 	
I hope to hear a whole bunch of you tomorrow evening, so be there to keep me
company. I hate talking to aliens that only I can hear! I think they are called
Duane Fischer, W8DBF	
NCS (ret): Hallicrafters Collectors International         	
nutcontrol at w9wze.org   	

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