[Hallicrafters] Oldest and Rarest Hallicrafters Original Hallicrafters manuals For Sale

Cpit18610 at aol.com Cpit18610 at aol.com
Sat Nov 16 16:57:31 EST 2002


This is a pre-EBay notice for those who may need or want some very old and 
rare original Hallicrafters manuals.  Those not spoken for will go at auction 
tomorrow afternoon.

Most of these are NOS that were stored in a 3 ring binder by one of the 
engineers in the Test Division. Most are still in excellent shape, however 
age has caused a couple to have less than perfect edges  I've held onto them 
for about 20 years, but finally decided to sell them. 

If you need the DD-1, HT-1, HT-4B & HT-5B & ST-2, I have them on EBay now.  
If they don't hit their reserve prices, I'll offer them here).

Here is what is still available that is not yet at auction.   I've given them 
prices, but might negotiate. 

RE-1 Sky Courier Receiver  $35
HT-3 (Mimeographed copy of op manual) (no schematic) $3.00
HT-6  $35
HT-7 Freq Std.  $8
HT-8  $35
HT-9 XMTR plus R-8 RCVR (staples in pages)
HT-11 D&E $45
HT-14 $40
HT-18 VFO $30 
VP-2 Vibrapack (part list and schematic) $3
VP-4 Vibrapack  (part list and schematic)  $3

Remember these are ORIGINALS, not copies.  They don't make them any more, and 
these are for some of the oldest Hallicrafters radios.



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