[Hallicrafters] HCI Sunday 20 Meter Net 40 State Challenge

Duane Fischer, W8DBF dfischer at usol.com
Sun Nov 17 00:23:49 EST 2002

All right you lovers of things that still go glow in the dark, besides a urine
stream that looks like a Cobra gunship with green tracers from playing with glow
in the dark toys full of Radium as a child, listen up! Tomorrow is Sunday
November 17th and time for the HCI 20 meter Net. I want to hear from forty
different states, so roll those butt cakes out of the warm bed, pour some hot
coffee with lots of sugar, or caffeine tablets, in it down your throat, not down
your t-shirt, or fluffy Wanda The Pooh flannel pajamas, and wash that down with
several candy bars and a bottle or two of either Mountain Doo or Jolt. That is
enough to revive a dormant volcano, so hopefully it will get your juices
Warm up those beautiful boat anchors. NO! Not the one made of Lead for the
pontoon boat. It will do bad things to your microwave! Besides your wife is apt
to become upset and tie you butt naked over an Ant hill and pour some Granny
Grunt's maple syrup over the extremities. After which you may be doing CW using
what is left of your tongue on a J-38 key held down on your bed pan with UPS
clear shipping tape!  	
Drift on into the pre-Net at 12:45 PM EST, (1745 UTC) and cast out your call
sign. Hang around for the official start of the HCI Net at 1:15 PM EST, (1815
UTC), where I shall attempt to hook all nibblers of the waves.	
The frequency will be 14.293 Mhz usb +/- for key clicks, mike splatter and the
rumbling sound of my bowels as the chili beans pursue the chopped sweet Bermuda
onions who are fleeing from the Koegel franks the butcher got over zealous with
and poured a little too much course ground black pepper, red pepper and garlic
Tabasco sauce in. If they should all catch up with each other, expect VE4WI to
stand in for NCS while I go attempt to contact the planet Pluto with Morse Code
done on a Tuba! 	
Bring your favorite 'stupid story' along to tell. You know, like the guy on the
Bay of E who is selling the HT-32 with the great receive! (Tis true, tis true)
Life needs some humor, too much reality can lead to sanity and that can easily
be fatal.   	
I hope to hear forty states on Sunday, so be there and be counted! Set your
alarm clock. If it is digital, ask your six year old for help to get it
programmed. They will not think you are strange, remember they are already using
the remote to program your TV for you! Hear you then! 	
Duane Fischer, W8DBF	
NCS: Hallicrafters Collectors International    	
netcontrol at w9wze.org 

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