[Hallicrafters] sx-62 dial glass

john johnmb at nc.rr.com
Sun Nov 17 11:13:30 EST 2002

Glad you found that to be helpful! Though I didn't ever order
any (I did collect old pinballs once upon a time), the stuff
looks perfect for your application.  

The backlights heat and peel paint off of the pinball backglass,
thus the need for the fixative.

John wb5oau

At 08:13 AM 11/17/02 -0500, Helmut Usbeck wrote:
>Many thanks to the gentleman on the list(lost his email address) for
>steering me to the pinball machine restoration boys.  They have the exact
>same problem with the delaminating of the silkscreening.  They have safe and
>also inexpensive solutions to the problem.  Halfway though doing mine with
>no glitches.
>Helm.  WB2ADT
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