[Hallicrafters] Hallicrafters impedance - matching networks brochure

Sandy and Kees Talen windy10605 at juno.com
Sun Nov 17 17:41:45 EST 2002

Looks useful...........

I came across a Hallicrafters 11 page "Suplimentary Data for 
Attenuator and Impedance - Matching Networks" brochure. It's
from 1957 and was published to help design matching between 
exciters (HT-30, HT-32, etc) and linears. It has simplified tables
for DB to voltage/current ratio and power ratio tables and a table
of "T" attenuator values for a given DB attenuation ...as well as the 
associated formulas. I made a few copies, if anyone wants one 
it's $3 postpaid. You can carry this in your pocket. I'm OK in 
any callbook and QRZ.

73 Kees K5BCQ

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