[Hallicrafters] wr600 series vacuum tube info

Allen Robert Crockett arcrock at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Nov 18 19:06:02 EST 2002


I've recently dug-up from storage a Hallicrafters SW I acquired when I was
much younger, and I want to start using it again on a more regular basis.
Based on the picture gallery from the website, I believe I have one of the
wr600 series of SWs (mine has a different color scheme than the wr600
pictured at


but otherwise looks very similar).

The radio's circuits haven't been touched for the last 10 years or so,
when my late grandfather tinkered with it for a couple of weeks.  I'm
thinking about replacing some of the old tubes and perhaps see if I can do
any other maintenece, and so I'm curious as to where I can get a copy of
the radio's manual and / or schematics.  I would be grateful for any


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