[Hallicrafters] wr600 series vacuum tube info

Allen Robert Crockett arcrock at fas.harvard.edu
Tue Nov 19 01:00:49 EST 2002

Hey Mike

I was able to ftp the manual for the S-120, so I think this should be
close enough to what I was looking for.  This week I also hope to improve
the antenna situation--all I've been using lately is a wire coat-hanger!
On Sunday (well, Monday UTC) I was still able to get the 04:00 Radio
Prague broadcast at 7345 kHz fairly decently, which is usually my main
goal on SW.  Could be better, though, and it will be soon.

Thanks for the tip!

On Mon, 18 Nov 2002, MIKE SOUHRADA wrote:

> Allen Robert Crockett wrote:
> >> wr600 series of SWs (mine has a different color scheme than the wr600
>   the radio's manual and / or schematics.  I would be grateful for any
> > suggestions.
> The Dachis book shows that WR600 is also identical to the S-120,sw-500.
> The book mentions two colors G for gray and WR for wood
> The manual for the 120 is on Bama
> http://bama.sbc.edu I didn't look for the 500.
> Caution it's a selenium rectifier unit.
> Mike
> Iowa
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