[Hallicrafters] HCI Global Glow Tonight!

Duane Fischer, W8DBF dfischer at usol.com
Wed Nov 20 13:13:49 EST 2002

Hallicrafters 20 meter Global Glow Roundtable Wednesday November 20th on 14.315
Mhz usb with pre-Net at 7:00 PM EST, (0000 UTC) and roundtable proper at 8:00 PM
EST, (0100 UTC)	
Tonight there will be a Global Glow, 	
Through rain, and sleet, and clouds and snow.	
Propagation permitting waves, 	
Those vintage rigs will find us slaves, 	
To things that still go glow in the night. 	
With antennas tuned and ground rods clean, 		
It glows, this Hallicrafters machine.	
Through static deep there comes a voice, 	
Its W8DBF, HCI Net control, rejoice!			
My Halli hums as it glows tonight. 	
He heard my call, I'll wait my turn, 	
What's that I smell? Did something burn?	
Hot solder drops, my skin's a blister, 	
Wrong time to change a fried resistor!		
Perhaps I need some better glasses.  	
He called my name, I key the mike, 	
The band is good, now this I like. 	
With tubes all lit, sound fills the air, 	
As checkins many memories share. 	
Thanks Bill Halligan for all the fun. 	
Duane Fischer, W8DBF  	
NCS: Hallicrafters Collectors International   	
netcontrol at w9wze.org  

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