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Glen Zook gzook at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 23 03:23:59 EST 2002

The consensus of opinion on the microphone that I am
looking for is that they were sold under several brand
names including Argonne, Calrad, and Herald.  The
description again is as follows:

Crystal or ceramic element.  Bullet shaped light brown
(almost beige), tapering from about 2 to 2.5 inches in
diameter to a "rounded off" cone in about 4 inches. 
The large end had a chromed plastic overlay that was
held in place by two or three small screws.  There was
a protrusion (moulded in the plastic) to hold the
metal mounting hardware.  This was basically held in
place with a single screw through this protrusion. 
The hardware, if I remember correctly was one piece
with internally threaded round piece to fit a "normal"
microphone stand.  Coming out just to the rear of this
mounting hardware was the shielded audio cable.

I looked on eBay but didn't find one similar to what I
am looking for.  Thus, anyone out there have one of
these to sell or trade (don't want an arm and a leg
for!).  It doesn't have to have a stand since I have a
stand that is very similar to my original one.  This
is the final thing that I need to complete the
re-creation of my original General Class station from
November of 1959 (the rest of the equipment was
Hallicrafters S-107 receiver, WRL Globe Chief 90A
transmitter, WRL 755 VFO, WRL SM-90 screen modulator,
and Vibroplex Original "bug" of which I still have my
original, the rest of the equipment is all "new").


Glen, K9STH

Glen, K9STH

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