[Hallicrafters] Comments on SR-400A

Michael Melland w9wis at charter.net
Sun Nov 24 18:35:36 EST 2002

I have an opportunity to purchase a very nice late SR-400A with matching
power supply/speaker.  Both are in what I'd consider 9+ out of 10 condition
and they both are working properly as far as I can tell.  I would be the
second owner.... radio has been very lightly used since new but has not sat
unused and abused.

I've wanted to pick up a nice Hallicrafters tube transceiver for some time
for both use and as a collectors piece.  Can anyone give me any particular
comments on this radio, performance ? Things to watch for or beware of ?  Is
this particular transceiver particulalry collectable being a very late model
(owner told me he bought it new in 1973/74) ?  And what is it worth today in
excellent condition ?

73 de Mike, W9WIS

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