[Hallicrafters] Appeal for help with selling rules

GARDGORE at aol.com GARDGORE at aol.com
Sun Nov 24 19:52:08 EST 2002

I would like to relate a very recent disappointing experience I had with a 
seller concerning Hallicrafters items and a Howard 435 for sale on this list. 
The seller told me I was first to respond about the Howard but later I told 
it was spoken for after I tried to buy it. I learned about this after I sent 
my address along with a few questions about the set. It shouldn't be 
unreasonable to ask about "what kind of project I will have coming" along 
with my address to figure the shipping which is what I sent right away. He 
told me the next day "the Howard receiver has been spoken for." His 
explanation two days later was "I sold it to the first person who made an 
expressed commitment." Something is just not right with the system if we 
forfeit our position by asking questions about what we are buying or what 
kind of a project we are getting ourselves into to another who is only 
interested in being first and just doesn't care. My question to the list: 
What can we do if the seller won't tell us a little more about the item 
before selling it to someone else? 

Thanks, Greg
The original ad posted on the 20th was as follows:

I'm cleaning out my shop and found the following restorable receivers that I 
probably will never get around to fixing.  I don't think any of them work, 
but all are very restorable.

Hallicrafters S-85
Hallicrafters S-120  ( I have two of these).
Howard Model 435
Knight R-100A

I want $50 each plus shipping for these.
I responded later that same day with:

xxx, Is the Howard 435 still available?

Thanks, Greg
His reply the next day, the 21st:

Hi Greg,

The Howard is still available.  There is a lot of interest in it and you were 
the first to ask about it.  Please let me know.
My reply soon afterwards on the same day (21st):

Thanks for the reply xxx. Could you please take a minute to describe its 
condition so I can know about what kind of a project I will have coming? 
Mods, holes, missing parts? Any rust? Does the cabinet need to be repainted? 

Thanks, Greg; WA1KBQ

Greg Gore
11528 Watermoss Ln.
Charlotte, NC 28262

He sent me this the next day on the 22nd:

Hi Greg,

The Howard receiver has been spoken for.


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