[Hallicrafters] S-22

Rich Oliver Rich.Oliver at lowell.edu
Wed Nov 27 14:25:29 EST 2002

As long as we're on the S-22, mine has an ugly dial. It is just screen 
painted, not etched, and it has some sort of clear coat over it.  The 
markings are actually in good shape but the clear coat is not.  I have 
tried all manner of solvents and cleaners but nothing touches it.  It 
might as well be glass for all the good they do.  What is that stuff, 

Does anybody have either a spare dial or a tip on how to deal with the 
clear coat?

Thanks, Rich, KC9GQ

k0myw at att.net wrote:

> Jim,
> If memory serves, the "Skyrider Marine" also is known as the S-22.
> 73,
> Mike, KØMYW...

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