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I have an S-38B in excellent condition which I purchased at the Ft. Benning PX in 1951. The last time the tubes were tested (approx. 1978) they checked like brand new. The set has possibly 10 hours of operation since then. I am looking for schematics & parts specs for my honey. I also have a Sams Photofact Publication CR-1, "Post War Communications Receiver Manual", 2nd Ed., Oct. 1948 which covers the original S-38, not the "B". Last year I found an SW 500 in pretty nice condition at a barn sale. I haven't fired it up yet & would like some technical info on it as well. Thanks for any help.
James R. Mandelik <wormchile at aol.com>
Mentor, OH USA - Wednesday, November 27, 2002 at 22:42:01 (EST)

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