[Hallicrafters] Speaking of nostalgia

rdhalste rdhalste at tm.net
Fri Nov 29 13:07:21 EST 2002

Speaking of nostalgia .

I was going through papers and "junk".er... treasures that I had accumulated
over the years. Actually I was cleaning out the garage and shop.

I came across a loose leaf binder with manuals, schematics, and brochures
from the 1960s.

Prominent were brochures from Hallicrafters showing the HT-32B, SX-115, and
HT-33B, the HT-37 with the associated receiver and amp. Even the 6 and 2
transverter.  The SX-117 and HT-44 were also represented. (I remember
purchasing that pair new and wishing they were as substantial as the 32, or

I even came across a color brochure for the Heathkit Electric Organ, another
for the Collins 51J3 with a glossy 8 X 10 B & W photo.

There's equipment and manufacturers I never heard of in there and brochures
stamped with distributors names long forgotten.

That notebook brought back a lot of memories.

Roger Halstead (K8RI EN73)
N833R World's oldest Debonair? (S# CD-2)

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