[Hallicrafters] Dampp Chaiser in SX-101

GARDGORE at aol.com GARDGORE at aol.com
Sun Feb 1 11:36:24 EST 2004

With the increasing popularity of the then relatively "new" (for hams) SSB 
mode (some called it SSSC), equipment manufacturers began to recognize the 
importance of minimizing receiver drift. The Dampp Chaser was an early effort at 
improving receiver stability. The Dampp Chaser equipped receiver was meant to be 
kept plugged into a live AC source. Even when the receiver was switched off 
the heating element kept the oscillator components warmed up for increased 
stability. In addition to the Dampp Chaser some Hallicrafters models included a 
separate filament transformer for the oscillator tube that also remained on to 
keep it hot. The receiver must be kept plugged it to a live AC source for these 
features to work properly but I am not sure I would want to keep a 50 year 
old heating element plugged in now.

Regards, Greg

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