[Hallicrafters] SX-99 Tuning and Bandspread knobs

Pagel, Mike mpagel at uwsp.edu
Tue Feb 3 15:42:22 EST 2004

Hi Donnie!

I've had good luck at http://www.antiquehamradio.com

The site owner parts out a lot of radios, including Hallicrafters
equipment.  I've gotten several knobs and other parts from this source.

73, de Mike, K9UW

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I have an SX-99 which is missing both the Tuning and Bandspread 
knobs (part No. 015-200802). Does anyone know where I can 
purchase these two knobs with the brushed aluminium centers.


Donnie Duplissey
drdrd at ix.netcom.com
P.O. Box 270573
Houston, TX 77277

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