[Hallicrafters] Contact Cleaner?

Roy Morgan roy.morgan at nist.gov
Tue Feb 3 17:48:24 EST 2004

At 10:54 AM 1/31/04 -0800, rbottomleysr at dslextreme.com wrote:
>I have a very noisey band switch on my S-40A. Have thought about going to
>Radio Shack to get a can of TV tuner cleaner


Use Caig De-Oxit or Pro-Gold.
VERY small quantities.

See www.caig.com for details and buy a sample kit of 2 CC squeeze tubes. 
For $9.95, you get all you need to do many radios if you use it very sparingly.

>   I don't want to damage the phenolic in the

Just don't spray anything from "the shack" in there.


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