[Hallicrafters] KNOBS

Mark Shaum k9tr at dtnspeed.net
Tue Feb 3 21:09:23 EST 2004

Roy, great tip!  I'll try that this summer when I decide to play with
the sticky and slippery substances again.  I need more S-38 style knobs
it seems.. never enough to fit all the BA's.

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From: "Roy Morgan" <roy.morgan at nist.gov>
Subject: Re: [Hallicrafters] KNOBS

> At 09:44 AM 2/1/04 -0600, you wrote:
> >Wax in the inner knob setscrew hole prevents the casting material
> >plugging it up as the resin cures.
> Perhaps a well greased long set screw or bolt that goes outside the
> would give you a fully threaded clear hole into the bushing.
> Roy

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