[Hallicrafters] SX-36A, RBK esoterica

Paul DeFayette pjdefayette at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 6 17:14:32 EST 2004

I just scanned the Navy RBK differences chart from the NAVSHIPS 91616 manual
(Navy Radio Receiving Equipment
Navy Model RBK-16  March1952).  Here is the link:


It lists only the RBK 14 and 16 as having the panadaptor plug.  The RBK 14
has the 6 terminal antenna connection.  An RBK-15 isn't even listed.  Do
they exist?


Paul DeFayette
Durham, NC

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> If you will remember from the month before last or
> Decemeber, I was wondering what I had. After some more
> investigation, I have come to the conclusion that what
> I have is primarilly a rack mounted RBK-12 w/
> radiation suppression NOT a 13 or 15. My reasons for
> this are as follows:
> 1. RBK-12's have the "PAN" (Panadaptor) connection on
> the rear- exclusively from what I understand.
> 2. The rack portion comes from the fact that there are
> NO antenna connectors on the back, just the archaic
> Navy antenna connector off of the RF cabinet mounted
> inside the unit.
> 3. Even though I have the additional 956 "radiation
> suppression" tube found in the RBK-15, the RBK-15 did
> not come with the PAN and it would be unlikely to have
> one put in after-the-fact. I don't think it would be
> uncommon to have updated the RBK-12 to a RBK-15 spec.
> with an existing RBK-12 unit.
> What do you guy's think?
> 73,
> DA
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