[Hallicrafters] Warm Up For Sunday HCI 20 Meter Net

Duane Fischer, W8DBF dfischer at usol.com
Sat Feb 7 22:27:51 EST 2004

Please join us on Sunday February 8th for the Hallicrafters Collectors
International 20 meter Net. /The pre-Net will commence at 12:45 PM EST, (1745
UTC). (I will be on air starting at about 12:15 PM EST) The Net proper will
begin at 1:15 PM EST, (1815 UTC). The frequency will be 14.293 Mhz usb +/- for
key clicks, mike splatter and the distinct annoying whine like a bumblebee
stoned on, or is it with a serious buzz, fermented nectar of my new imported
foreign mad cooling fan. It does not say exactly what country it was made in,
but when I opened the box some grains of brown rice fell out. Well at least I
think it was brown rice, it could have been from a rodent that ... Yuck! Which
may explain the gag a maggot on a garbage truck on a hot LA Summer day stench
from this thing. At first I thought it was the plastic, now I am not so sure. I
sure hope that was brown rice ...   	
I hope to hear many of you tomorrow, so warm up those tubes and minimize the
drift. We better enjoy this vintage gear before somebody somewhere bans it
because it is a threat to our health, like those glow in the dark trinkets we
used to send in one .90% silver quarter and two salted peanut wrappers for.
Remember all of those wonderful mail order things before the credit card?
Everything from a wrist watch magic decoder unit to that goo you rubbed between
your thumb and forefinger and  got this fake smoke from to the girlie pictures
in those little things you looked through while staring at a light to those
cracker balls that exploded when you threw them against the sidewalk ... Yes,
those fantastic comic book ads that sold everything from ways to peep through
the key hole in the bathroom door at your sister to a James Bond pair of glasses
that allowed you to hear what the people two city blocks away were talking about
to a special cushion pillow to put on a chair that sounded like somebody just
farted and filled their shorts to that fake plastic ice cube with the dead Fly
inside to drop in someone's Kool-Aid to the fake vomit with gross looking chunks
of half chewed food in it to put on the lunch table at school to the gadget you
hid in the palm of your hand that made everyone you shook hands scream and wet
themselves from the electrical shock they got to that fake arrow that looked
like William Tell missed the apple on top of your head and got you between both
ears to those stick on black front tooth covers that grossed the girls out to
the squirt gun filled with the liquid that looked like black ink when you soaked
someone's white shirt during Sunday school to the fake fecal matter that looked
like old Rover had left a deposit on the kitchen floor to those wooden matches
that when lit smelled like a Skunk just raised a hind leg and ... Ah yes! What
fun! Despite the warnings by scientists that these glow in the dark skulls would
kill us for certain, most of us outlived the nay sayers and prophets of gloom
and doom!    	
So before the Sun burns itself out from a class G2 star to a dwarf of some yet
to be determined color, and vaporizes both Mercury and Venus in the process of
roasting everything on the Earth to a state comparable to a ball park frank
burned blacker than the sky on a moonless night, join me tomorrow for the HCI 20
meter Net and let's have some fun, fellowship, facts, fix up tips and maybe even
raise some money to help the residents of Hell, MI replace the village limit
sign that some tourist stole which read "If You Ain't Eaten At Bernie's Diner,
Then You Ain't Yet Been To Hell!" (true!) 	
Duane Fischer, W8DBF	
NCS: Hallicrafters Collectors International       	

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