[Hallicrafters] Dampp Chaser

Rodger Singley rbsingl at mail.ilstu.edu
Sun Feb 8 10:33:16 EST 2004

I think that Halli quit using the "real" Dampp Chaser component.  My
SX-101 Mk III manual has an errata sheet which states that the words
"Dampp Chaser" are to be deleted and R89 is now simply referred to as a
3300 ohm, 10 watt wirewound heater.  I imagine they started using a
generic part and got in trouble with the trademark owner.

In any case, both my 101A and Mk III have these units which are still
functional; neither is actually marked Dampp Chaser.  It seems that the
current incarnation of this is the "GoldenRod" dehumidifier.  Sold as a
dehumidifier, it is simply a small wirewound heater-apparently popular
with gun collectors as a means of keeping gun cabinets above ambient
temperature.  It is available in several wattages but is probably too
big to fit in our radios but a regular wirewound resistor should suffice
(preferably one that uses the chassis as a heatsink to better keep the
entire radio warmed).

Rodger WQ9E

.>Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004 20:33:08 -0800 (PST)
>From: Wayne Light <hwlight at sbcglobal.net>
>To: hallicrafters at mailman.qth.net
>Subject: [Hallicrafters] Dampp Chaser II
>Several of the guys on this list have written and asked about the 
>responses I received regarding the use of this device in some of the 
>Hallicrafters Radios (SX-101, etc.). I thought I would respond this
>since there may be others that didn't write and are interested.
>The majority of the responses, from the experts, agreed that
>put this resistor there to keep the oscillator section warm and
>more stable...so when the radio was turned on, there would not be a 
>significant change in temperature.  Only one thought it was actually
>to keep the dampness out of the radio.  This little resistor is "in
>even when the radio is off and constantly gives off a little heat (of 
>course, the radio must be plugged in :).
>The one I have in my SX-101 seems to be working, so I have not tried to

>find a replacement.  Several people wanted to know if there was
>to buy a NOS for this unit.  If anyone knows of a replacement source, 
>please let the group know.
>Thanks again for all that responded!

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